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Our Value Proposition

  • We will handle all your affairs with honesty, integrity, and loyalty

  • We will make ourselves available for all your questions, needs, and requests

​We will ensure that:

  • We offer you a competitive premium.

  • You receive the correct advice and guidance.

  • You receive regular updates and information about your policy.

  • You will receive a written confirmation on additions to your policy.

  • We give you the correct interpretation of your insurance contracts.

At the Claim stage, we pledge to:

  • Guide you from the time of the incident to the completion of the claim

  • Complete your administrative details on the claim form.

  • Physically come to you in the event of a complicated claim.

  • Provide you with daily feedback on your claim.

  • Communicate and discuss all requirements of the claim with you.

  • Assist you with replacement quotations where we can.

  • Ensure that the settlement is understood and fair.

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